How to Care for Your Ankara Fabrics

How to Care for Your Ankara Fabrics

Does your Ankara fabric wears fade away after a short period of use? It shouldn’t be so! This happens mostly due to the wrong way of washing and ironing. We’d be happy that our customers use their wears in the best possible ways—to give them value for their money. And one major way to get the best out of your fabrics is to care for them—proper washing and ironing.

Keep in mind that washing and ironing your Ankara fabrics differs from your regular clothing.

So, here is how to care for your Ankara fabrics the best way:

Wash Separately 

Separate your Ankara from other clothes when washing. This is because some clothes may shed colours, which could get your Ankara stained and vice versa.

Don’t wash with Hot Water

Hot water can destroy the dyes in your Ankara as it has a very high temperature. This results in the fading away of your Ankara. Instead of hot water, use cold or lukewarm water for washing.

Hand Washing is Preferred

If possible, avoid machine-washing. Hand wash your Ankara carefully, and you should also avoid frequent washing—too much exposure to detergents causes the material to wear off quick.  Also, it’s best to avoid squeezing your Ankara after washing, gently hang them and allow to dry.

Use Mild Detergents

It is best to wash with soap only. But if you can’t avoid using detergents completely, use mild detergents. This prevents your Ankara from fading too quickly.

Avoid Leaving Your Ankara Under the Sun for Extended Periods

Leaving your Ankara and even other fabrics too long under the sun can reduce quality. The extreme sun temperature reduces the quality of the materials and thus shortens its durability. You can hang them under a shade or put them out when the sun is not much, keep a close watch and remove them once they get dry.

Set your Iron at Mild Temperature

When pressing, do so from the inside of your Ankara with mild heat. Do not set your iron too hot. Frequently pressing your Ankara with a highly heated iron can destroy the quality of your material.



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