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When it comes to fashion and other beauty products, a lot of persons desire to go with natural products. In fact, more and more people are turning away from the use of machine-made products to handmade, because they are undoubtedly the best. Natural fashion and beauty products are the way to go. However, getting pure natural products have become a challenge, as not all out there are originally natural. But there is Good News; DuroShan has made it possible! DuroShan offers you 100 percent natural African fashion products – Handmade Ankara items and other black beauty products that give you that great look you desire.

Who we are

DuroShan is a Nigerian-Jamaican brand concerned with the needs of everything Black/African, Natural, and Pure. The DuroShan AP&T is an arm of the conglomerate of the DuroShan brand, which provides unique and quality African products from the source. We source the hard-to-find natural products from all over West Africa that you can hardly find elsewhere, just to bring you the best.

DuroShan.APT is the brainchild of Shanae Wright Durowoju. Shanae is from Saint Andrew, Jamaica. Particularly from a small community called New Garden. The primary occupation in her community is farming, and her families are active farmers of the famous Blue Mountain Coffee. Given that foundation, Shanae has been one that loves and know more about natural products. 

How did we get started

The story about the birth of DuroShan.APT is incomplete without Shanae's quite supportive husband; Moses Durowoju is from Ogun state, Nigeria. Like Shanae, Moses also has a foundation in agriculture. The Ogun State people of the Yoruba ethnic group have a rich culture in agriculture, music, art, fashion and tourism. The famous Olumo Rock, which has become one of the tourist attraction points in Nigeria, is located in Ogun State. 

Shanae’s obsession for starting a brand (DuroShan) amplified after she traveled to Nigeria with her husband. She fell in love with Nigerian prints. Of course, Nigeria and Africa as a whole is blessed with abundant natural resources, which are being converted to useful products with 100 percent originality. Thus, DuroShan.APT has decided to leverage on this to bring to the world the best African Fashion products from all over West Africa.  

Our passion

DuroShan.APT has a great passion for building Africa. They believe Africa is bound to be great following her rich deposits of natural resources. The world is gradually turning back to the use of natural products, and Africa still got a lot of natural resources untapped. 

Our mission

At DuroShan.APT, we understand that you do not have to reach so deep into your pockets to get the best natural products that you have always wanted. Therefore, all products at DuroShan.APT are available at unbeatable prices.

So, if you’ve been on the look for Natural African Fashion wears and other beauty products that will give you that great look you want, DuroShan.APT has got all you need.

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