Made to Order

Made to Order

Are you tired of buying items that don’t match your specifications after receiving them? It’s a tiring experience, and no one likes it! At DuroShan.APT, all our products are Made to Order, and this allows you to place an order with your product specifications—size, colour, style, etc. After specification, please allow us 7-10 business days for production. We’ll process and deliver your order with the exact specification afterwards. 

What’s Good About the Made to Order Service?

With this service, you’re at liberty to tell us what type of wears you want—the style, design, concept, size, type of fabric, and so on. You are not expected to mainly buy from the products you see on display. That means we can offer you wears that are more unique and tailored to your style than what you may see in our product gallery.

So, if you don't find what you want in our product gallery, no worries, we’re still at your service! Kindly contact us through our contact us page or via WhatsApp at +19034841126. We’ll process your order and get the items delivered to you as requested.



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